Make the 165 IC Pump Run Constantly


Is this article applicable to the 205?

No. The pump control is different on the 205. Do not fiddle with the pump controls on the 205 they work well just as they are!

Why do I want to make my intercooler system run constantly?

To ensure that the intercooler, IC, operates at maximum efficiency. Max efficiency equals more available power and a more reliable engine! The intake air charge will be cooled more effectively.

Isn't it already running constantly?

No. The pump is controlled via the intercooler computer. The pump is only run for a certain amount of time. I 'think' it's something like it will run for 30 seconds once the throttle is opened right up and then it won't run again for a further 3 minutes! Not good.

Are there any downsides to enabling my pump to run continuously?

There will be increased wear to the pump as it will be on from the minute you turn the key in the ignition. Also you need to complete the wiring as shown below otherwise you will get ECU error codes. For an article on how to check for ECU error codes and what they mean, clickhere. If you foul up the installation then you might get error 54.

Click here for an article on how to change 165 IC pump bearings

What is the upside to running the IC pump continuously?

The water within the IC system will be circulated continuously. Therefore the water will be cooled by the front radiator continuously and therefore the intercooler will cool the intake air much effectively. If the pump runs intermittently, as it is designed to do, then "hot spots" will form, especially at theIC itself. This in turn will not cool the hot air expelled from the turbo efficiently and this may lead to detonation.

Can't I just wire it up to the battery?

No. You'll get error 54...

How do I make the pump run continuously?




  It is a relatively simply job of connecting 3 wires together at the intercooler computer located above and behind the glove box
  Firstly remove the glove compartment by removing the 2 securing screws on the bottom - it will then just lift away
Lay in the passenger foot well and look upwards to see the intercooler computer - the square red thing. Pull off the connector and link the pins together at the connector as shown
Connect these three wires together at the plug, as shown
White/Black connected to Pink/Black connected to Green/Black
I used both "forks" of this crimp to connect the White/Black to the  Pink/Black

The other crimp has one of the "forks" removed as shown here. Note that the connector has been cut from the loom...
  Note that the connector does not connect back up to the IC computer - it "dangles" somewhere out of the way! Make sure the connections you have made are electrically insulated and are securely held within the plug.
  When you've connected it all up, check for error codes - click here here for a how to


Anything else?

If your thinking about getting the air intake temperatures down then try the rest of these mods. Use a decent gauge wire i.e. at least as thick as the existing wires, I went a bit mad but I'd rather be safe than sorry...