165 Intercooler Pump Overhaul


Why do I want to overhaul the pump?

It's not a frequent or common job but eventually the bearings in the IC pump wear and the pump will become noisy.

What parts do I need and where do I get them from?

2 bearings - 608ZZ, try your local bearing dealer, such as BSL cost ~£3.50 each.


The How to...

The job took about 45 minutes...

The stock 165 pump looks like this...
Remove bracket and rubber damper (seems to be there to stop vibrations against the body)
Remove 3x 10mm head bolts from water end of pump (two are holding a bracket on there) and prise the cover off
  Undo two screws on the motor end. This bit was very very hard to remove, I had to tap a thin screwdriver in between the middle housing and the motor housing with a hammer and prise apart, pull the cover off
Whilst holding the coil, under the 10mm nut holding the impellor on, and remove
Carefully remove and keep in order the nut, spring washer, impellor, spring assembly

The bearing to be replaced is on the end of the shaft, (motor end)
Unscrew the PCB and pull the two wires through to give some movement when the shaft comes out
The shaft and coil with the PCB removed
  Basically, there is a bearing at the end of the motor case (easily visible) and another in the middle section.  It is an ‘interference’ fit and needs mucho persuasion to get it out. You need to hold the centre housing and tap the shaft out of it from the wet end.I did this by putting the housing against the edge of a bench and tapping the shaft until it popped out.
Put the shaft in a vice and tap the bearing off the end of the shaft.  It will be very tight.
One bearing removed from the shaft
The old knackered bearing
Place the new bearing onto the shaft and push down as far as possible. Use a deep reach 10mm socket or similar to put over the shaft and tap the bearing home up to the circlip
  Do the same to the bearing the other end if necessary
To get the centre housing back on, put it over the shaft up to the bearing. It’s a tight fit and won’t slide straight over. Stand the shaft up in a vice and use a large socket (I used a 27mm) over the centre housing to tap it with a hammer until it is back in place
Re-assemble in the reverse order.  I used some instant gasket around the rubber o-rings to make sure there was a good seal since they’re old

Other jobs

This article is intended as a helpful guide and shows how Mark overhauled the 165 intercooler water pump. If you are in any doubt, or not qualified, do not undertake this maintenance, always consult a qualified mechanic.

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Thanks to Mark Chamberlain for the "How to..." article!