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Cambelt idler and Tensioner pulley

205 - Will definitely fit, no problems - I use these bearings

185 - Direct replacement for the idler pulley and 1mm narrower than the tensioner pulley - but still can be used

165 - These will not fit

40 delivered
  165/185 Adjustable Fuel Cut Defencer. Allows you to alter the level at which fuel cut occurs, whilst retaining fuel cut

It's 25 as I don't really want to make them...see here if you want to make it yourself

  165 UK cold start injector time switch, only 6 months use

Part No 89462-20040

  165 UK ECU water temperature sensor 15
  165 Dash water temperature gauge sensor 15
  Plastigauge packet measures 0.025 - 0.175mm for bottom end oil clearance checking. 10 gauges with measuring card and instructions 5 delivered
  165 Turbo pressure sensor. The label has the following part number 89420-20100 10
165 Dizzy - complete 15

GRP CS vent, complete with mesh

I will not ship this Worldwide

165 brake master cylinder. Good working order 25
  Brand new genuine Toyota 165 oil filter 5
165 radiator clamps. The inner rubber mounts are still intact 5
Rear 165 Mintex brake pads - brand new 30
165 expansion tank. Note this was modified by Toyota due to a recall to rectify a potential problem 10
  165 headlight retractor control unit 10 delivered
165 Rear Black Diamond grooved brake disks. Very little wear ~1000 miles use

New these retail at ~140!

I will not ship this Worldwide

75 for the pair
165 Fusebox relocation bracket. Fabricated from steel, this will allow you to use a straight air intake, providing the battery is relocated 15 delivered
165 starter motor

I will not ship this Worldwide

35 delivered
  Genuine Toyota 165 HT leads, good working order 25 delivered



All parts are supplied in good faith. The seller assumes no responsibility for incorrect fitment, premature failure, incorrectly supplied parts or otherwise. The buyer is deemed to have purchased the correct part for their particular application.