Shorten the 205 Throttle Cable


Why do I want to shorten my throttle cable?

The stock cable snakes around the engine and generally gets in the way. The outer sleeving cracks and becomes unsightly and then it fails.

I found the stock 205 cable to be a lot longer than is required so I shortened it...

Are there any downsides to shortening the cable?

None so far. This has been tested for approx 8,000 miles with no apparent shortcomings.

Are there any "bits" to buy?

Only 1, a Toyota Celica ST182 throttle cable. You should try in the first instance and speak to Trev. You're probably looking at around 30 delivered.

What tools do I need?

How did you shorten the throttle cable?

The job took ~20 minutes...

All the throttle cables on the GT4s are very long. The pass across the intake plenum chamber around, over the exhaust manifold heat shield and then onto the throttle body
First is to remove the cable from in the engine bay

Undo the 2 x 12mm head nuts and slide the cable from the clamp, you may have to remove the whole thing and wiggle the wire from the clamp...

Twist and open the throttle to gain access to where the cable is attached to the throttle body, and slide the nipple out...
...and remove the cable from the intercooler and lay this out and over the passenger wing. Cover the wing to prevent any possible damage to your paintwork!
In the cabin, look up and at the top of the accelerator pedal. (you do not need to remove any trim, but pushing the seat back might help access)
Pull a little of the cable through to help access, you will notice that the black rubber "cushion" comes away and leaves the brown plastic retaining clip
Pull the brown retaining clip forwards and off from the top of the pedal

Note the cut out for the cable to be withdrawn and also the plastic locating lug on the brown plastic retaining clip. The lug on the clip locates in the cut out on the pedal

  Undo and remove the 2 10mm head bolts securing the cable to the bulkhead
The cable can now be drawn a small way into the cabin
Feed the cable carefully down and through the hole in the bulkhead by the brake booster
The GT4 throttle cable is a lot longer than the 182 throttle cable!
Note that the nipple on the end of the cable is the same, as is the cable securing arrangements

The securing arrangement to the throttle pedal is the same for the 182 and the 205. However, the securing bolts for the cable support/guide are different
This is the 182 metal support, this is simply pulled off from the rubber lugs
Here you can see the 205 cable with the metal support is pulled free from the rubber lugs. Remove this completely from the 205 cable
The 205 metal support is pushed onto one of the rubber lugs on the 182 cable as shown. Unfortunately it does not fit exactly, but this is not a problem...

...had a spare cable and cut off one of the rubber lugs and placed this onto the cable to provide additional support

Note that the cable should exit from the centre of the metal support
Now run the cable up through the cabin and into the engine bay. Note the lug on the brown plastic clip, this aligns with the cut out in the accelerator pedal.

The assembly is bolted into place using the original bolts. Thos may be a little fiddly since the sound deadening material will want to get in the way, a little perseverance and it will pop into place...

The cable comes up and alongside the brake booster. The small rubber grommet requires a wiggle to break it free from the throttle cable and it can be slid down and onto the original throttle cable support/guide
The cable is then routed towards the front of the car, looped over the alternator and then attached to the throttle body in the same manner as with the stock throttle cable

Note that there is "JUST" enough cable to allow the throttle to close fully. You will probably need to wind the adjustment nut as far back as possible to ensure there is enough free cable

The finished pictures showing the routing of the cable. Note that the correct operation of the throttle should be checked to make sure everything is fine, paying particular attention to enough slack cable at the throttle cable

Any questions or comments then please feel free to e-mail me

Other jobs to do at the same time?

This article is intended as a helpful guide and shows how I installed a 182 throttle cable into a 205. If you are in any doubt, or not qualified, do not undertake this modification, consult a qualified mechanic. Always consult the manufacturer's manual. Alterations away from the manufacturer's specifications are not recommended.