Remove the 165 Sunroof


Before I start what bits/tools do I need?

Anything else I need to know?

Not really...this job takes ~10 minutes.

The sunroof on the 165 tends to rust very badly, and no 165 seems to evade this curse! Improved drainage and better removal of "damp" air in the sunroof area would help...

A new sunroof is VERY expensive.

How do you remove the sunroof?

Open the sunroof to about half way...
...working from the inside...
..grab hold of the interior trim and pull downwards
This will release the front of the trim. This is secured in place by a couple of clips that are simply pulled free from their locating positions
Close the sunroof and pull down on the trim
The trim can then be pulled free
With the trim removed, all that now secures the sunroof in place is 3 x 10mm head bolts on either side, remove these...
...and then you can slide the sunroof free from the car


This article was written as a handy guide as to how I removed the sunroof. If you are in any doubt or not qualified then do not conduct this maintenance. Always consult a professional.