205 Intercooler Pump Overhaul


Why do I want to overhaul the pump?

It's not a frequent or common job but eventually the bearings in the IC pump wear and the pump will become noisy.

What parts do I need and where do I get them from?


The How to...

Working at a leisurely pace and taking pictures, the job took about 45 minutes...

Undo the 3 x 8mm head bolts holding on the impellor cover, and pull the cover off
The impellor is held on by a central LEFT HAND THREAD nut
Remove the nut and the spring washer. Note that the impellor is keyed and needs to be aligned in order to fit onto the motor shaft
Next, mark one end of the casing so that the pump can be correct reassembled later. Note the alignment marks on either end of the pump, (arrowed)
  Next, very carefully and slowly lever off the impellor from the shaft. This is a pretty tight fit.
Under the impellor is some "stuff" and the mechanical seal. Note the shims
Carefully pull all this lot off, ensuring you note its position and orientation

Undo and remove the 2 x 8mm head bolts at the wiring end of the pump and gently ease the rear section away from the black casing trying not to damage the brushes. Note the crinkle washer position. It may be possible to remove the front section but I found this to be securely located...
Once the rear section has been removed, pull the front section off
The unit should now be separated into bits that look something like this
These 2 bearings have to be replaced
The front bearing is easy to remove like this...
To fit the new front bearing simply place on the shaft and tap down until it is firmly seated against the metal spacer with a deep socket ~17mm socket?
The rear bearing is removed by prising the bearing off with 2 flat bladed screwdrivers. The metal spacer behind the bearing is damaged during removal, this must be straightened out before the new bearing is tapped into place
The new bearing is tapped up to locate against the straightened metal spacer
Assembly is simply a reversal of removal. Note that when replacing the impellor it is keyed and these keys align with both the shaft and the tang of the spring

Other jobs

Anything else I should know?

Removal of the 205 IC pump is a git! I found I had to remove the lower splash guards and radiator overflow bottle so that the 2 pump securing bracket bolts can be undone and the pump with mounting plate can be pulled free. The pump cannot be withdrawn from the mounting clamp as the wire loom is wrapped around and through the securing bracket and clamp.

This article is intended as a helpful guide and shows how I replaced the bearings in a 205 Intercooler water pump. If you are in any doubt, or not qualified, do not undertake this maintenance, always consult a qualified mechanic.

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