Shorten the 165 Gear Stick


Why do I want to shorten the gear stick?

To improve the gear change feel, shorten the gear stick throw, improve gear change times, and to help make the car feel a little less "tractor" like!


How did you do this?

The job took ~30 mins...

  Remove the centre console - 8 x cross head screws, pull up and back to remove after the 2 cables have been unclipped and the gear stick surround unclipped from the console
Unscrew the gear knob from the stick and remove this and the leather surround
Remove the 4 small screws attaching the metal cover onto the gear shift assembly, and the 4 x 10mm head bolts securing the gear stick. Take careful note of the gear stick return spring position

Clamp the shaft in a vice and hammer a punch down to drive off the large black metal "pipe". This was fairly well stuck onto the shaft and required several good blows to shift it
Once this is off, clean up the shortened shaft and bushes...

The black plastic item on the end of the gearstick was included in the replacement gearstick nob kit
...and make sure your new shiny gear knob fits okay. You can see here that the shortened gear stick is approx 2" shorter than the original unit. In the picture the original "extension" piece is placed where it used to be located on the gear stick. Without the "extension" the shift is approx 2" shorter, (much better)
  Assembly is a reversal of removal, just make sure the gear stick return/centralisation spring is assembled correctly...and all the bushes are thoroughly greased
The finished article, a noticeably shorter gear stick


Any questions or comments then please feel free to e-mail me

Other jobs to do at the same time?

This article is intended as a helpful guide and shows how I shortened the gear stick. If you are in any doubt, or not qualified, do not undertake this modification, consult a qualified mechanic. Alteration of the gear train away from the manufacturers design is not recommended and is undertaken at your own risk!