Replace the Dials on a 205

* This article has pictures from the 205 and is only applicable to the 205 *


Before I start what bits/tools do I need?

Anything else I need to know?

How do you replace the dials?

  Before you start take a careful note of where all the needles are pointing, speedo, rev counter, fuel, water temperature and boost pressure
  Lower the steering wheel, pull off key cowling remove four screws 2 top, 2 bottom; that gets the dial cowling off...

Next remove the four screws retaining the dial assembly. Pull the dials towards you and then reach round the back and remove the three electrical connections they are at the top back of the dial unit

Remove the dial assembly. You might find as I did that there is a kmh to mph converter which consists of three wires - just make sure they go back in the same place on refitting

Right you now have the dial assembly out there is two screws holding the clear plastic face on take them out and you will find it is just clipped in place now, remove this and the black inner one too this was also just clipped in

Now the fun bit place 2 flat blade screw drivers under the centre of needle and slowly ease them off one by one, remember they are different lengths so make sure they go back in the same place once they are all off then just pull off the old faces ,they are only stuck on

Replace with new and replace the black cover take the dial assembly back to the car in bits connect the electric connections back in and then put the needles back on in position remembering how much fuel you had! Push the needles back on and replace the clear cover and replace the whole unit back in reverse order
  You might need to fiddle a bit with the fuel and speed needles if you have not put them back in the right place first time...


This article was written as a handy guide as to how Hutch replaced his dials. If you are in any doubt or not qualified then do not conduct this modification. Always consult a professional. Alterations away from the manufacturers specification is not recommended.

Many thanks to Hutch for writing this article