Fit a Stainless Steel 205 Instrument Bezel

* This is only applicable to the 205 *

Why do I want to fit a bezel?

It's a matter of taste, I wanted shiny things in my car!

What parts do I need and where do I get them from?

1 x bezel, I got mine from - approx 18

Tools The How to...

The job took about 45 minutes... (and I am a complete novice. . . this is honestly the first time I have ever taken anything in my car apart!)

Undo the screws holding the under part of the dash on the drivers side
Let the dash hang down, this will now give you room to pull the plastic surrounding the top of the steering column off it's retaining clips

Remove the 2 screws in the plastic shroud and the 2 from either side of the base of the shroud. Then pull the shroud down and towards you

Remove the 2 screws that are holding the plastic visor in place, once these are removed, you can unclip the clear visor from the instrument panel

To unclip the visor you will need to press down on the rear of the clip and push the visor forward. There are a number of clips at the top and bottom of the visor to undo

Fit your nice new bezel following the manufacturers instructions and refit the visor, shroud and remaining dash bits

Refitting of visor, shroud and remaining dash is simply the reversal of removal!

Other jobs

This article is intended as a helpful guide and shows how Loosey fitted an aftermarket instrument bezel. Alterations away from the manufacturers specification are not recommended.

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Thanks to Loosey Locket for the "How to..." article!